Thursday, July 15, 2010


Made it to Twisp. Our trusty van finally broke down and we had to have her towed from Loup Loup Pass, but once her new parts get in tomorrow morning we'll be all set. In the meantime we have a loaner oldsmobile boat with maroon velvet interior and suspension smooth as chamois butter. We might keep it instead - is that cool, mom?

Here is a link to an article Sarah and Jon wrote at the behest of Davidson's chapter of the Roosevelt Institute - it more clearly articulates our research regarding Housing First:

I think we need more bass...



  1. Any way you guys get home is way cool with me.
    Much love, (Jon's) Mom.

  2. Sarah, John, James

    We are eagerly awaiting your arrival in Seattle. Do any of you have any food allergies or dislikes or any particular favorites?

    Lexi's Parents (Ivan and Liz)

  3. It's cool, baby. Love, Mom