Monday, July 19, 2010


The Pacific is the most beautiful thing. After 3,500 miles of talking about ending in Anacortes, it was surreal to see Anacortes city limit signs. We had a great salt-water swim, set our sore legs down and watched the ferries roll out, talked about sleeping in beds, remembered all the states we'd biked through and relished the moment. It still hasn't quite sunk in that we're finished biking and won't be waking up tomorrow to another 70 mile ride.

We drove down to Lexi's house in Seattle and met up with Elinor and her dad for dinner. It's been so nice to just rest and hang out in a home! And not sit on a bike seat.

This evening we went to Tent City 4 at Lake Washington United Methodist Church. It's one of several temporary encampments for people who are homeless in Seattle. We helped serve dinner (salmon burgers!) for several dozen of the hundred or so residents, who are preparing to move on Saturday to a different church lawn as their 90-day limit expires. It's been great sitting and talking with the people here. James and Jon are staying in the Hilton, a 20 person shelter with bedding made of milk crates. Sarah is in the QueenDome which she shares with one other young woman. The people living here are very diverse but all very friendly and willing to share their stories. Each person has a paper plat above their bedding, on which is written their wake up time so that they can catch the bus to make it to work or wherever they need to be. Ours will be set bright and early so we can grab some coffee and talk with people as they head off on their day.

Let's do that again,



  1. SarahJamesJon:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You all are an inspiration to the rest of us slugs who sit in front of our TVs and wring our hands about "the homeless problem." You're even an inspiration to many who are out there volunteering, working in non-profits, sending money, offering prayers, and voting for representatives who take the root causes of poverty and marginalization seriously.

    You have shared with your followers stories of amazing people you have met who have inspired and challenged you. I am sure that you have touched many along the way as well.

    What I have appreciated about your journey is that you have lived out a connection between three points: 1) personal sacrifice, 2) raising awareness and uniting people on a national scale, and, 3) making personal connections-- with people who are suffering and those who are working to help alleviate that suffering.

    You've also managed to stay connected to one another--not an easy feat-- 64 days at 24 hours a day (1,536 hours of togetherness)!

    I really hope you'll write further about your journey. You each write so well and the wisdom that you have gained will bless so many.

    I also hope that readers will be inspired to action by Moore Place's example of creative and sustainable alternatives for empowering marginalized brothers and sisters.

    Thank you for what you have done--for all of us.

    (Sarah's) Mom


    You're amazing.