Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Songs from the road

A song, written by Jon, performed by Jon and Sarah, set to footage of Montana.


  1. got that crown of the continent beard goin'!

  2. Wow!!! Love it, love the video, especially the part that follows the dog. I feel his freedom and joy. Sarah, congratulations on the work you are doing and on your beautiful part in this song. I want to hear more, and I'd like to see the lyrics in print, when you get time. I made a donation, (which I had been intending to do)motivated by viewing the song. Jon, I want to hear more of your songs. I write, too. You should come to Staunton, VA where the music scene is growing fast. James- thank you for your support of this project. Wishing you all joy, peace, and un-achy body parts as you complete your mission. -mary Binda

  3. hey thugs,
    hurry home. i got another dog for you to follow.