Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Homeless Cycle by the Numbers

As our final post, we'd like to do some rithmatic. But who's counting?

1 flat tire. (...on the last day...)
11 consecutive days without a shower.
12 pounds of peanut butter.
13 states.
16 host churches.
17 hours of documentary footage.
18 feet - the vertical leap of a mountain lion. (look it up!!)
21 NBA finals/World Cup games watched.
64 days on the road.
85 residents housed in Moore Place.
100s of people talked with/interviewed/exchanged ideas/questioned/challenged/learned from.
350 sandwiches.
500 granola bars.
3,500 miles.
7,000 homeless individuals in Charlotte NC.
22,260 minutes on the bike.
2,552,547 wheel rotations.
2,000,000+ individuals experiencing homelessness in 2009 (HUD).

And as for fundraising:
According to Urban Ministry Center, you've helped us raise around $13,000. We are in awe of your generosity

Thanks to everyone who has supported us along our journey with places to stay, conversation, home cooked meals, donations, friendship and encouragement. We'd also like to give a huge thank you to the Bonner Community Fund for funding this. We can't thank you enough!

Do da maf,



  1. Hi,
    I meet James in a parking lot, At a Church in Crown Point, Ind. Prayed for you all, daily.
    Happy to see you made it. Great job.

  2. Hey guys,

    This is Mark from REI at Northlake. I just read through all of your blog posts and am very impressed with how your trip went. That's a lot of riding - did you really only get one flat tire on the whole trip?

    It definitely sounds like you had a transforming experience. Great job on raising that amount of money for a worthy cause.

    Stop by the store some time and give me some more details on the trip. See you soon,

    Mark Odendahl