Thursday, July 8, 2010


Just a quick note- we headed out of Glacier National Park this morning, en route to Sandpoint, ID. All is well- Glacier is AMAZING!!

From de Montana mountains,

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  1. I just discovered your blog and commend your efforts to help the "houseless". Ironically, some who are without a house experience a "home" with those who share,care and encourage them in shelters, camps or wherever their paths might meet. Thank you to all who reach out to bring "home" to the homeless, sometimes with just a friendly hello. However, there exist many who live in a house or apartment experiencing a lonely homelessness where neither family, neighbor nor community shows concern or communication. Our communities are filled with people in homeless houses. Many filled with seniors long forgotten, children with overworked parents trying to make ends meet, or spouses and children consumed with the media. The biggest problem of homelessness for those housed and unhoused is the lost of true "family". Until our hearts are at home with God, we will remain a restless and homeless society living in houses with each member within his/her own orb. When we realize that a home is an attitude of the heart that one can take with them wherever they are or may go, it is then we will discover that our home is much bigger than we know and we are each part of this beautiful family of stories. Thank you for sharing your hearts across America! God Bless your journey.