Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Glacier National Park,

I don't know how to say this. Sometimes when we're together, I just can't find the right words. I get so nervous. So weak in the knees. Well... those three days we spent together were magical. I'll never forget you. No other national park will ever compare. Call me?

But seriously, the mountains, the waterfalls, the glaciers, the wildlife...we were pretty much always in awe of the beauty surrounding us. Jon ascended the infamous Logan Pass while Sarah and James hiked through the snow to Hidden Lake and saw some mountain goats! Sarah and Jon later hiked up steep slopes to Mt. Brown Lookout, which gave incredible views of the snow-capped mountain ranges. Best. Hike. Ever. The next day Jon and Sarah rode down the other side from Logan Pass. Jon rigged up a flip-cam to his helmet ("HELMETCAM!") and captured the breathtaking descent and views from Going-to-the-Sun Road while Sarah whooped and hollered for miles. Best. Ride. Ever.

We have also fallen in love with western Montana. We try to swim in the cold, clear snow-melt rivers whenever possible, and that water sure does feel good on our knees. Jon floated down river with his newfound life jacket and had to bail when the river started getting rough. We're pretty proud of the giant mug of hot chocolate that we concocted in Eureka, MT. Eureka! Last night in the small town of Troy, MT we happened upon a Christian Bikers' (motorcyclists, that is) Revival/Convention: "Born to Die Motorcycle Ministry." They welcomed us to stay for some venison, music and preachin. It was interesting to hear the perspective of people ministering to biker "clubs" (aka gangs) in an effort to get people to "repent" and clean up their lives. Although intimidating at first, these self-proclaimed "spiritual soldiers" with their leather jackets and handlebar mustaches were welcoming and friendly. Despite being hardcore Christians, they certainly hadn't lost any of the roughness of biker gangs - "Anyone who claims to be a Christian in the clubs but is a hypocrite, I'd take their cut and then their bike. If that wasn't enough, I'd shoot em in the kneecap, for fun." (...) We certainly heard some controversial messages from the preachers, and had interesting conversations later over Huckleberry shakes about judgment, evangelizing, moral relativism, community, religion.... and then watched a campy Japanese action film.

Great day to be a wampuscat,


  1. you guys are so close! keep it up.

  2. Best. Post. Ever?

    No, but seriously, this was a joy to read, from the mad crush you've got on Glacier (it's cute) to the evangelizing bikers to the huckleberry shakes.

    Will the helmetcam footage be available soon?

    Hope the state of Washington is treating you well. You can do it!

    rock on,