Friday, May 21, 2010

Days 4 and 5: Frederick to Hancock to Frostburg, MD

We've made it to Frostberg, MD. It's graduation eve at Frostberg State University, which means it's hard to sleep. But seriously, a big thanks to Sarah's friend Danielle, she's great.

Sarah carried the torch for the second half of Thursday's ride after Jon's knee was acting up. Sarah found herself in the middle of nowhere on beautiful rolling hills that merited stopping for strawberries. James and Jon toured the "Redneck Mall" (Puneet, ask James about The Shirt) and set up camp in Hancock. It's a cool little one-stoplight town with a shady, surreptitious "campsite" just off main street which we filled with music, books, sleeping bags, bacon, and eggs.
Today, both cyclists set out on the C&O trail which was bumpy but beautiful. 50 miles of gravel and mud meant great views of the Potomac but a new appreciation for blacktop. The trail included the half-mile Paw Paw Tunnel through the mountain.
Meanwhile, James got an old-man haircut at the barbershop. This is pre-haircut. Stay tuned for post-haircut pictures.
peanut, butter, jelly (respectively),


  1. You folks are amazing! I am Kathy and I work with Sarah's mom. God bless you all and be safe. We willbe following your progress from here in Richmond.

  2. An old-man haircut? I am insulted ... lol! Hope the strawberries were good .. yummm ... it is that time of year.

    Frederick, MD