Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Days Two and Three: D.C. and D.C. to Frederick, MD

Greetings from Mark and Dottie's house in Frederick, MD! We set out from the Lincoln Memorial - apparently you can't bring bikes this near Lincoln... The 64 miles were long, but the W&OD Rail Trail (35 miles) was gorgeous and the bike path passed through a lot of cute little towns. The rest of the way to Frederick passed through bucolic meadows, pastures, farms and fields. It was another great day of riding, although we realized we need to start packing about 7-8 sandwiches because we wuz HUNGRRYYY!

We are staying with friends of Sarah's mom's friend, and they have been incredibly welcoming and generous to the three of us. Can't beat a home-cooked meal on the back porch, a hot shower, caring new friends enthusiastic about showing kindness to strangers, 2 roly-poly cats and a pop-up RV to sleep in! Also the neighbors have a penny farthing bike that we earnestly hope to ride, but probably not very far.

Tuesday we had interviews with the National Alliance to End Homelessness and Robert Egger. Both were great. Robert took us down to his "shagadelic" office in DC central kitchen where he told of us of his inspiration while trekking in India, his drive to challenge the status quo - likening the groundbreaking ideas of the non-profit sector to the Ramones in an extended metaphor - and generally was a cool (and incredibly insightful) dude.

Great day of riding, more to come!


  1. "The groundbreaking ideas of the non-profit sector to the Ramones in an extended metaphor"? I really want to hear more about this....

    I'm glad things are going well so far. Thinking of you all!

    --Jessica Reese

  2. I had a vision in a dream that James was locked outside of his van and had to go to pick up a key at Pizza Hut. Weird. Glad the journey is going so flawlessly!

    Mary Moore and Kelly

  3. Great talking with you! We'll be shouting on to you on our blog later in the week:

    Want to guest post sometime? We'd love to hear more about the Housing First initiatives you visit on your travels.

    Safe Travels!

    Liz and Catherine at the Alliance

  4. I appreciate the texts and emails from you and your first host! :-) I'm SO glad things are moving along well and I'm enjoying the stories. I can't wait to learn more! Happy Cycling!