Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clairton to Steubenville to New Philadelphia

Woo! Guess how many states we have been in...that's right. FIVE! The latest to make the illustrious list are West Virginia and Ohio.
But first...we met up with Judi and Steve, a sweet couple who live near Clairton, PA, and they took us out for some authentic Pittsburgh cheese steak sandwiches. We watched some basketball over at their place and then spent the night at their parents' house.

We set out for Steubenville, OH on a stretch of trails that eventually became pretty remote, muddy and ROCKY. Ouch. Once in Steubenville we hit up an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. We also spotted a "laser car wash" and had fun talking in robot voices about robot-run businesses. Like barbershops. "We will cut your hair with LASERSsss" (robot voice). We asked a Lutheran church if we could camp out on their property and watched half of a Thai action film on a laptop under the stars.

From Steubenville we headed west to New Philly, OH, Home of the Fightin' Quakers, where we met up with our dear friend Ben Behrendt and his family. On the way, Sarah ran over a snake on her bike. Scary. This trail was one of the TOP 10 PLACES IN THE see fall foliage...:( We're eager for more superlatives.

Here's one:

Love from Ohio,

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  1. Sarah, you look fierce in that photo.

    Also, regarding lasers: more, please.

    Unfortunately I can't see a role for lasers in ending homelessness, but maybe you'll come up with something.

    Thinking of you all,