Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day One: Annapolis, MD to Washington, D.C.

Hello from Kyle Konrad's pad on G Street in D.C.! We've made it to the capitol, and are hanging out dry and inside. According to weather.com: "Rainy, windy storm set to impact Northeast." As we waterproof our gear and prepare to be "impacted," we're surviving, somehow, with hot breakfast (oh James....), couches, showers....

The trip started in Annapolis, MD. We made the drive safely thanks to Bruce (Australian GPS system- thanks, Elinor!!) and Mitch (Hedberg). After a 4 hour nap in the back of the van, we were ready to go bright and early. Back tire = dipped in Chesapeake Bay (it counts!), rain gear on, and we're off. It was rainy and trafficky but a great 40 miles. Saw llamas, "World's Largest BBQ Pit", and were tempted by a dark, dusty, neon-lettered palm reading shack. Sarah "First Blood" Connette had a bit of trouble unclipping her bike shoes at stops (Timber!), but we made it to National Coalition for the Homeless feeling great, if a little soggy. We found James napping in NCH's parking lot. He had eaten the sandwiches he had made for us. James made new ones (he is the best) and we brought out the banjo, guitar and mandolin for a little pickin' and picnickin'.

Today we continue the string of interviews we started yesterday, stopping by National Alliance to End Homelessness and DC Central Kitchen to talk with Robert Egger. Tomorrow afternoon we'll head towards Frederick, MD for Day 2 Of Riding.

Drive slow homey,

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