Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Philadelphia to Mount Vernon to Marion, OH

The world is slowly but steadily flattening out. Thursday was Ohio's last-gasp attempt to keep us in the mountains with some rolling (read: vertical) hills, but even those grew smaller as we traveled towards Mount Vernon, OH.

We've really enjoyed Amish country. We realized that we had entered a different world when we found ourselves drafting behind a line of horse and buggies amidst the rolling corn and wheat fields. Jon stopped and bought some fresh brown eggs from his new Mennonite friend Clayton. When Clayton asked if he was a local, Jon (and his beard) felt flattered. Really really good eggs, though.

We stopped with Sarah's friend Emily in Mount Vernon where we had the Best mac and cheese ever and tried to make fainting goats faint. They wouldn't. But fainting goats are one of Jon's favorite animals, so that made him happy anyways.
Mount Vernon to Marion OH was flat. We're getting ready for lots of corn and sky for the next week's cycling. Today is a rest day in Marion, which means taking full advantage of Cici's all you can eat pizza. Reaching Marion also means we're at the 500 MILE MARK! And we've raised over $3,000 - getting close to our $5,000 goal! Thanks everyone for your contributions and support.

8 wheels, 4 pedals, 3 thugs,


  1. did you just post this? I swear it wasn't there a second ago... I feel like I'm watching you. weird.

    I like the farmers. I also like wondering if Jon's beard adds wind resistance. and where's James' haircut?!

    congrats on your milage!

    woot woot

  2. shouldn't that be 6 pedals? The van has pedals too.

  3. You three are freaking awesome. I've been following your blog posts all along! They're great. Have fun times in Ohio! Did you know that Ohio is technically the 47th state, since congress forgot to vote on its statehood until 1953?!!!


  4. Home of the Lima Bean? Eat local.

  5. I met you guys today at marion at the csx yard. I hope that all goes well