Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Saturday was our first full day in Chicago, and we drove over to Good News Partners to hang out with kids living in the Jonquil Hotel, a transitional housing development. We finger-painted, played with Legos, blew bubbles, played freeze tag. It was a great two hours. It was also Banana Split Day.

Monday we began a whirlwind tour of interviews across Chicago – Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Alliance to End Homelessness, the Pierce Foundation, Housing Action Illinois, and Housing Opportunities for Women. We talked to a number of people on the street and heard some powerful (sometimes tearful) stories. These days are more exhausting than the biking days, by far.

Britt Shawver, director of Housing Opportunities for Women (HOW), has been incredibly helpful in informing our research from her wealth of experience with housing initiatives. She’ll also be joining us for the first leg of the journey tomorrow as we bike towards Milwaukee! James and Molly will drive up in the Sag Wag. The fambly keeps growing.

“Wait, where’d the clam-shell go?”



  1. Wait, where DID the clam shell go?

  2. Jon and Sarah needed to park in a metro parking garage but were dismayed by the 6'8 clearance that the van with the clam shell surely couldn't fit under. Ever resourceful, we managed to take off the clam shell and squeeze it inside the van. Later, we hoped to play a practical joke on James by pretending that we hadn't noticed the missing clam shell...