Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What you talkin bout Williston (ND)

Brief update on adventures in North Dakota:

-In a coffee shop in Fargo, we saw "the wife that gets kidnapped" in the Coen brothers' movie Fargo.
-We met a sweet couple in Cooperstown that took us out for burgers and shakes and gave us a tour of the town in their green Buick LaSabre. It's a slow, nice town with a lot of grain silos. Even the turn signals click more slowly. Ca-chik. Ca-chik. Ca-chik.
-The pastor of a church in Devil's Lake let us stay inside when there were flash flood warnings for the county. This church had an indoor basketball area, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), a kitchen and a shower.
-We've started running into other cross-country cyclists. We got a tip to avoid a 40 mile radius around Saco, Montana since it is apparently swarming with mosquitos as "dense as the cartoons."
-To get through windy expanses of North Dakota, we started a new relay "leg" method of riding...James is even taking a turn sometimes!
-We've battled headwinds up to 30 miles per hour. And won.
-We just et a bid supper et gramma sharon's all-you-ken-et country cookin buffet.

Don't you just wish you had a giant hair dryer?


  1. Wow this trip sounds awesome! It's so great how hospitable strangers can be.

  2. We're all with ya! Love you! (Sarah's) Mom.