Thursday, June 3, 2010

Logansport to Renssalaer to Crown Point, Indiana

Our Wednesday: (leaving Logansport, IN)

5:45 Wake up, brush teeth
5:55 Thunderstorm starts
8:30 Get on bikes
9:45 Chased by large, barking dog
10:45 Chased by large, silent dog (really scary)
12:30 See James and Van in distance, relieved to be so close to lunch. Turns out to be 2 and a half miles away. Thanks, Indiana.
2:00/3:00 Time change - hello Central Time!!
3:15 Second storm starts rolling in.
3:30 Arrive in Renssalaer
5:00 Meet up with Sarah, Elinor, Catherine and Josh at Devon's Family Diner!
We spent last night camped out with the Jackson WY bound (or bust!) roadtrippers who brought word from the world outside of rural Midwest towns. It was really great hanging out. Really really great. Much too soon we got back on our bikes and headed towards Crown Point, 40 miles south of Chicago. James met up with his Lady who took the train down from Chicago, so our van-driver-sandwich-maker-errand-runner-camera-operator-best-guy-to-have-on-a-trip-like-this will be MIA for the next 4 or 5 days. But we're getting excited for our interviews and filming in the windy city!

Here we come Chi-town,


  1. Eeeuww. the silent dog thing reminds me of my #1 scariest cinema moment: No Country for Old Men, when the dog is "chasing" the guy in the river. No sound but the river. Creepy.

  2. I live within shouting distance of your Crown Point stay. I appolize for the dogs. We really do have a great little town. I see you were in Winona, MN June 14. Now you are in my grandson's territory. Awsome....Have a safe trip, I'll put you in my prayers. You are super stars. :)